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Watch Job Output in Terminal

It was very helpful that the job-hello-world job build included the terminal output from running git commands to clone the git repo and the output of the running hello-world task.


You can also view this output from the terminal with fly watch:

fly -t tutorial watch -j hello-world/job-hello-world

The output will be similar to:

using version of resource found in cache
running echo hello world
hello world

The --build NUM option allows you to see the output of a specific build number, rather than the latest build output.

You can see the results of recent builds across all pipelines with fly builds:

fly -t tutorial builds

The output will look like:

3   hello-world/job-hello-world    1      succeeded  2016-26@17:22:13+1000  2016-26@17:22:23+1000  10s
2   one-off                       n/a    succeeded  2016-26@17:15:02+1000  2016-26@17:16:36+1000  1m34s
1   one-off                       n/a    succeeded  2016-26@17:13:34+1000  2016-26@17:14:11+1000  37s

The fly watch command can also be a battery saver on your laptop. Hear me out: I've observed that watching jobs run in the Concourse Web UI uses a lot more battery power than running fly watch in a terminal. Your mileage may vary.